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  - Library Management System
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Information Management Systems

We have a wide catalogue of solutions exceeding 150 applications of a wide range of technologies and knowledge base. The applications traverse a wide range of business environments including the domains of public (such as government and local authorities) as well as private sectors.

Some of the major packages are listed below:

• ERP Financial Systems
• Library Management Information systems
• Billing systems including payment solutions
• Call management systems
• Document management systems
• Land Management Information Systems
• Project monitoring systems
• Fleet Management and Tracking System
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions
• Digital Security surveillance system
• Islamic Syariah Systems
• Local Authority Courts Systems

Internet Security & Consultancy

Network SecurityThe Internet has created unlimited new opportunities. Higher revenue, lower costs, closer ties with customers and the promise of a borderless business regime. Internet technologies have these to offer and more. Internet security is now a default necessity for any organisation to protect its data integrity and to safeguard their customers’ information.

Silicon Intranet & Networking specialises in all areas of security ranging from providing security consultancy to Internet Security solutions. We provide total comprehensive security solutions, security needs at different levels of IT setup and consultancy to companies and government bodies. We specialise in Internet security solutions at all levels for large and complex IT setup to basic firewall requirements for SMEs. We are partners with global security leaders like Internet Security Systems, Juniper, Packeteer, Cisco, and CheckPoint to provide risk management & assessment solutions. Our strong track record speaks for itself of our lending expertise and knowledge in security.

As an Internet Security solutions provider, Silicon Intranet & Networking plays a key role in extending consultancy and recommendations to eliminate risks and build strong security in infrastructure. We provide security consultancy to businesses and organisations with the aim to provide consultation and advice to corporations on the correct security measures to adopt to protect their data, thus, maximising and strengthening the system’s security. Our mission is to provide the best method and solutions, especially to those companies engaged in e-business by giving unbiased and independent consultation.

At Silicon Intranet & Networking, we understand the value of our client's asset of information. Our highly experienced team provides a cohesive structure to deliver a comprehensive range of services encompassing consultancy and security assessment services. Our consultants are 100% security focused with many years' experience behind their back. We work on the one and only rule of success, that is, to follow the best practices and deliver the best results. We deliver nothing below our clients' expectation.

Silicon Intranet & Networking provides a host of Internet Security solutions to cater the individual needs of its clients.

Internet Systems Integration

Local Area NetworkWe assist companies to overcome geographical boundaries by providing total integration of multiple-protocol networks and operating systems. We offer professional consultation services on Internet, Intranet and Networking Security issues to both established and new corporations.

Networking and Systems Integration
In order to upgrade or create a LAN or WAN, we conduct a Systems Study or a Systems development Life Cycle to attest to the feasibility of the network.

Local Area Network Upgrades
We provide LAN (Local Area Network) upgrades either by revamping or expanding the current LAN, catering to the client’s requirements. Our expertise extends to the implementation of WAN (Wide Area Network).

Our clients include the Government, semi-governmental organizations, multinationals and the private sectors. We are committed to set the assurance to our clients by providing the best security solutions and consultancy to our clients on the security of their network infrastructure.

Data Center Services

Web & Email Hosting
Every professional organisation today requires a website or email facilities. We strive to provide the best services and quality products to all our clients to ensure the uptime, performance and reliability are in place. Being a client of Silicon Navigator, our clients can be assured that their website and e-mails are managed by a team of professionals, enabling them to focus on building their business without the worry of service disruptions.

Silicon Navigator web and email hosting solutions are available on both Windows and Linux platforms running on high end servers. Silicon utilises web control panels, such as Helm (Windows) and cPanel (Linux), which are widely used worldwide for web and email management.

Dedicated Servers & Managed Services
Data Center ServicesDedicated Server allows our client to have full control over an entire server and enjoy the facilities within the Network Operating Centre without the need to purchase their own server or building a million-dollar data centre facility. With mission critical web applications in businesses, our clients need the power and performance of Silicon Dedicated Servers and facilities. All Silicon Dedicated Servers are packed with powerful processor(s), huge amount of Dynamic RAM memories and runs under RAID 1 or RAID 5 for better fault tolerance and data availability.

Dedicated Servers are ideal for companies or individuals who do not want to purchase their own servers, hardware and software. Clients will have total control over their own server at a reasonable cost. Example of such companies include consultants, portals, firms or companies involved in web designing, web hosting, web applications, online consulting, online database management and any other allied business with an aptitude for quality and high growth.

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