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Intelligent Visual Surveillance Solution

In today's uncertain world, there is an increasing need for a higher level of security to protect against crime, vandalism and terrorism. CCTV is recognised as an effective way of detecting crime and enhancing public safety. However, the mounting number of surveillance cameras has lead to an information overload, where operators are unable to extract the relevant information because conventional CCTV records everything with little or no intelligence.

SmartVeillance solves this problem by using artificial intelligence to prioritize video observations so that the system can trigger alerts and bring important security issues to the attention of security staff.

SmartVeillance uses advanced image analysis techniques to detect and segment activity, detect, identify and track objects and events, and record information in real-time. Artificial intelligence is used to prioritize these observations so that the system can automatically trigger alerts and bring important security issues to the attention of security staff.

SmartVeillance’s vertical suite of surveillance and detection intelligence solutions includes:
  • Traffic Management and Monitoring
  • Carpark Management
  • Smart and Safe City
  • Retail Business Intelligence

SmartV Safe City brochure

SmartVVideoAnalytics brochure

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