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  - Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment System
  - Library Management System
  - Fleet Management and Tracking System
  - Geographic Information System
  Internet Security & Consultancy
  - Development Project Monitoring System
  - Intelligent Visual Surveillance Solution
  Internet Systems Integration
  - Network Infrastructure
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Our Geospatial Solutions and Services for Enterprise GIS

Our GIS System Development and Integration team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals from various disciplines such as Surveying & Mapping, CAD/CAM, Planning, Cartography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we provide quality system development and system integration as well as consulting services and implementation.

Geomatics Services
We provide Geomatics Services to assist governments & private organisations meet their business needs. To ensure the solution fits, we study and assess the GIS needs of an organization before implementation. This includes the study of the business processes, identification of the required GIS functionalities, identification of GIS relevant work processes and design of an appropriate GIS data model to satisfy the business requirements of the end-user.

GIS Consulting Services
Situational Assessment
    User Needs Analysis
    Data Evaluation
    Software Evaluation
Conceptual Architecture

Geo-Solution / System Development
    Web-based GIS Applications
    Client-Server GIS Applications
    Mobile Applications
    Geospatial Data Centre Hosting Services

Remote Sensing Services
    Satellite Data Imagery Procurement Services
    Satellite Imagery Referencing/Rectification Services
    Satellite Imagery Coordinate Transformation Services
    Feature Classification and Extraction Services
    Image Enhancement Services
    Mosaicing Services

GIS Training Services
    GIS courses
    Database courses
    GPS courses
    Image Processing courses
    Data Conversion courses

Data Collection & Conversion Services
GPS Field Data Collection
GPS Data Processing
Geospatial Data Conversion
    Map / Schematic Digitization
    Feature Classification / Extraction
Textual Data Conversion
    Keyboard Data Entry
    OCR Processing
    Form Design, Processing & Data Capture
    PDF Searchable Conversion
    E-Book Conversion
Geospatial Data/Format Migration
Scanning Services
Plotting Services (large formats)

Database Consulting, Implementation and Support Services
    Database Technical Evaluation/Consulting Services
    Performance Study and Analysis
    Installation, Configuration and Upgrading Services
    Security and Performance Tuning
    Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Services
    Database Migration Services
    Database High Availability
    Backup and Recovery

Technical Support & Maintenance
    Base-technology/Product Support & Maintenance
    Application Support  & Maintenance

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