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Development Project Monitoring System

Development Project Monitoring System is an application system designed to plan, monitor and facilitate the management and evaluation of all development programmes and projects.

With increasing number of development projects to be carried out and limited funding allocation, it is vital to have an effective and useful tool for project monitoring. It is crucial for every programmes and projects to be well managed, well implemented, within budget and on time to reap the expected benefits. All these can be achieved using a feature-rich and proven system to execute project monitoring processes both at high level and administrative level.

Key Objectives:--

  • To provide a single project monitoring system to manage development programmes and projects that can feed information and reporting to central monitoring agencies.
  • To provide a central database that can cater for the monitoring and review of different types of development programmes and projects over multiple years.
  • To achieve timely feedback of accurate and complete information for project monitoring through integration with other Line of Business (LOB) systems such as project planning and approval, budgeting and accounting, land ownership, and contractors management.
  • To allow monitoring of both physical (e.g. roads or buildings) and non-physical (e.g. research or studies) projects.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of timely reporting and information to central agencies for better decision-making.
  • To eliminate manual processes such as re-entering of information and laborious re-scheduling of tasks.
  • To address the needs of implementing agencies for better project management and monitoring purposes.

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